Tenga Eggs & Masturbators

Tenga Eggs and Masturbators are perfect for those who are looking for a Sex Toy a little more on the discreet side. These Eggs caress your shaft and give you a whole new level of sensation with the various ridges, grooves and textures. Enjoy a slippery session with the water-based lube these eggs come with, slide it on and indulge in the moments of passion these little but powerful toys bring. If the Tenga Eggs aren’t really your speed, we have you covered with our selection of Tenga Vacuum Cups designed to be long lasting to use time and time again. These toys feature an Air Technology with three strength variations. These are perfect for those who like a gentle, soft sensation to those who prefer something more powerful. The Tenga collection also features a variety of masturbators such as the Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash Masturbator which consists of bumps, balls, grooves, waves and dots with a vacuum suction for the sensational blow job feeling. Blow your load with the Deep Throat Cup Male Masturbator Egg which provides a sucking sensation which achieves a throat-like tightness with added sounds to make you feel as though you’re enjoying a real experience.